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Updated on the hour, these are the stories making headlines, yet what lies between the lines of breaking news can sway toward bias. Nathan Cool's latest book, Is it Hot in Here? breaks through those barriers and sheds light on what's really happening, decoding hidden truths from alarmist sensationalism.

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Latest World Climate News

22 ways that climate change may ruin your summer
Fri, Jul 19 2019, Fast Company

Climate Change
Mon, Jul 15 2019, Conservation International

Climate Change Is Very Real. But So Much of It Is Uncertain
Wed, Jul 17 2019, WIRED

Can The Current U.S. Heat Wave Be Linked To Climate Change?
Fri, Jul 19 2019, NPR

How artificial intelligence can tackle climate change
Thu, Jul 18 2019, National Geographic

Climate Change Requires Big Solutions. But Baby Steps Are the Only Way to Go.
Sat, Jul 20 2019, Foreign Policy

What the Climate Change Models Actually Say
Sat, Jul 20 2019, Foundation for Economic Education

We Went to the Moon. Why Can’t We Solve Climate Change?
Fri, Jul 19 2019, The New York Times

10 technologies that could combat climate change as food demand soars
Thu, Jul 18 2019, MIT Technology Review

Climate Change Will Strain Federal Finances
Thu, Jul 18 2019, Scientific American

Trump's USDA buried sweeping climate change response plan
Thu, Jul 18 2019, POLITICO

Heat wave 2019: Record summer temperatures, climate change threaten economy
Fri, Jul 19 2019, CBS News

Scientists Predict Climate Change Will Make Dangerous Heat Waves Far More Common
Tue, Jul 16 2019, TIME

Global farmers can take on climate change. Here's how
Thu, Jul 18 2019, World Economic Forum

Cuomo signs bill to combat climate change
Fri, Jul 19 2019, WRVO Public Media

Weather forecasts may start to include the role of climate change to help us understand the link between humans and extreme weather
Tue, Jul 16 2019, World Economic Forum

FaceApp's old filter is a climate change anxiety coping mechanism
Fri, Jul 19 2019, Mashable

Scientists Wrote a Eulogy for Iceland's First Glacier Lost to Climate Change
Sat, Jul 20 2019, Gizmodo

Historic heat wave is double whammy for climate change | TheHill
Fri, Jul 19 2019, The Hill

Planting trees could buy more time to fight climate change than thought
Wed, Jul 17 2019, Science News

Heat wave holds more than 150 million Americans in stifling grip this weekend
Sat, Jul 20 2019, CNN

Heat wave blazes on: At least 3 people in Maryland and Arkansas die due to scorching weather
Sat, Jul 20 2019, NBC News

'It never stops': US farmers now face extreme heat wave after floods and trade war
Sat, Jul 20 2019, CNBC

Heat Wave Hits US Sending Temperatures Soaring
Thu, Jul 18 2019, NPR

At Least 6 Dead Due to Heat Wave as Officials Warn of Heat Illness Symptoms
Sat, Jul 20 2019,

Monsoon flooding death toll climbs to 164 in South Asia
Sat, Jul 20 2019, ABC News

Heat wave: Why overnight temperatures make U.S. heat wave even more excruciating
Fri, Jul 19 2019, CBS News

Roads across Aberdeen hit by flash flooding
Sat, Jul 20 2019, BBC News

Nights will provide little relief during brutal heat wave
Thu, Jul 18 2019, USA TODAY

What a Heat Wave Looks Like
Sat, Jul 20 2019, The New York Times

LIVE: Flooding strikes northwestern Michigan with radar rainfall estimates of a foot
Sat, Jul 20 2019,

A heat wave in Chicago 24 years ago left more than 700 dead. The mayor says they've learned lessons since then
Sat, Jul 20 2019, CNN

As Heat Wave Strikes, Even the Low Temperatures Are Forecast to Hit Record Highs
Fri, Jul 19 2019, The Wall Street Journal

Can The Current U.S. Heat Wave Be Linked To Climate Change?
Fri, Jul 19 2019, NPR

Why you should be concerned about massive US heat wave
Fri, Jul 19 2019, CNN

Heat Wave N.Y.C.: OZY Fest and Triathlon Canceled
Fri, Jul 19 2019, The New York Times

This Week's Brutal U.S. Heat Wave Could Be a Killer
Fri, Jul 19 2019, Gizmodo

Heat Wave Continues: Sunday Even Hotter Than Saturday
Sat, Jul 20 2019, NECN

US braces for record-breaking heat wave this weekend
Fri, Jul 19 2019, New York Post

Monmouth Scraps 6 Races Amid Heat Wave; Haskell To Run At Night
Sat, Jul 20 2019, CBS New York


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